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4074 Tankards
Price: £27.00 - £47.00
(£32.40 - £56.40 including 20% VAT)
RRP: £0.00

The 'Milk Churn' Style Tankard has proved to be our best selling Tankard and an absolutely beautiful shaped one as well!! Classic Shape with really Heavyweight Quality.......nothing else to say really!!

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4090 Magdalen Cup Range
Price: £75.00 - £185.00
(£90.00 - £222.00 including 20% VAT)
RRP: £0.00

Pure Class and very difficult to keep these in stock!!!Our Flagship Range!!! These are proper heavyweight Cups with a great Celtic Rim and a very thick Nickel-Plate Finish. These will last many years without any problems and with very minimal cleaning. As you can see as well, they engrave fantastically and really look the part!! You have many base options, ranging from the Nickel-Plated Banded Base shown, to Wooden Round and Square Platic or Wood. Call Chris Ledger on 01865736028 for more details and options.

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7" x 5" Black Glass Plaque
Price: £16.99
(£20.39 including 20% VAT)
RRP: £19.99

Plain and simple, this does the job of a special award, superbly engraved and all at a bargain price!!! Black Glass with a Silver Strut to hold it up. You can have the free engraving on a Black, Gold, Silver or Bronze front plate and a logo to, if you have one!!!

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A recent set of Moto-X Trophies
Price: £35.00 - £65.00
(£42.00 - £78.00 including 20% VAT)
RRP: £0.00

A nice set of Moto-X Trophies, available in various sizes

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Ashes Jug
Price: £20.00 - £40.00
(£24.00 - £48.00 including 20% VAT)
RRP: £24.00 - £50.00

Replica Ashes Urn.

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Athletics Trophy Options
Price: £0.00
RRP: £0.00

For 100's of choices, please go to the Catalogue Section on our website http://www.allsportstrophies.com/catalogues.php and look through all the choices on there, then contact us on 01865736028 or chris@allsportstrophies.com

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